Dr Ilektra Spandagou is a Senior Lecturer at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, the University of Sydney. Her research interests include inclusive education policy and practice, disability, classroom diversity, and curriculum differentiation. Ilektra has been involved in teacher education in inclusive education in Australia, Austria, Cyprus and Greece. Her publications include the book Inclusive Education: International Policy & Practice (co-authored with A.C. Armstrong and D. Armstrong) and published by Sage).


2007 Grad Cert in Educational Studies (Higher Education), University of Sydney,


2003 PhD, University of Sheffield, UK
1996 Master in Education, University of Sheffield, UK
1994 BEd (Early Childhood Education), University of Athens, Greece


2011- Senior Lecturer, Inclusive Education, University of Sydney
2006-2010 Lecturer, Inclusive Education, University of Sydney
2005-2006 Lecture level appointments (Winter Semester), Department of Special Education and Department of Pre-School Education, University of Thessaly


2005-2006 Post-doctoral researcher (funded by EU “Pythagoras II – Support of University Research Teams), Department of Early Childhood Education,

University of Athens, Greece

2002-2006 Teaching Tutor, Faculty of Early Childhood Education, National and

Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

2000-2002 Research Fellow, National Evaluation Team of On Track, School of

Education and Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, UK.

1994-2000 Research Assistant (short-term contracts), Faculty of Early Childhood

Education, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

1994-1995 Support teacher in pilot integration program funded by Department of

Education and University of Athens, Greece


2018 Teaching Award Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching
2017 OLE Disability Awareness and Inclusivity, University of Sydney, Co-leader


2015 Non-EU teaching mobility award, University of Vienna, Austria
2015 Large Educational Innovation Grant, University of Sydney, Principal

Researcher Dr Michelle Bonati ($16,563)

2015 EDSW Dean’s Education Innovation Grants, University of Sydney, Principal

Researcher Dr Nicole Brunker ($3,000)

2009-2016 Special Education Retraining Program Funded by the Department of

Education, NSW (Lead by A/Prof David Evans)

2010 Faculty of Education and Social Work Teaching Excellence Award



2017- Academic Advisory Panel member of All Means All is the Australian Alliance for Inclusive Education

2018- The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Human Research Ethics Committee (SCHN HREC) –Qualitative Research Expert


2017-2019      Academic Board – University Executive Culture Taskforce, University of Sydney 2018-2019   NTEU representative on the Academic Workload Monitoring Committee

Faculty FASS

2019-2018       Faculty Board, Faculty of Arts and Social Policy

2019-2017       Research Education Committee


2017-               Research Higher Degree Coordinator, Sydney School of Education and Social Work



Spandagou, I., Little, C., Evans, D., & Bonati, M. (under contract). Inclusive Education in Schools and Early Childhood Settings, Springer.

Armstrong, A.C., Armstrong, D., & Spandagou, I. (2010). Inclusive education:  International policy & practice. London, UK: Sage ISBN 978-1-84787-941-7.

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Chapters in Books

Spandagou, I. (2018). A long journey: Disability and inclusive education in international law. In K. Trimmer, R. Dixon and Y. S. Findlay (Eds.), The Palgrave handbook of education law for schools, (pp. 413-428). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan

Spandagou, I. (2015). Inclusive education as a challenge for policy and practice – international and comparative aspects. In G. Biewer, E.T. Böhm, & S. Schütz (Eds.). Inclusive Pedagogy in the Secondary School (pp. 25-38), Stuttgart: Kohlhammer [In German].

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Spandagou, I. (2011). The use of museums in inclusive education of children with disabilities. Children Museum (Despoina Kalesopoulou) (Ed.), Παιδί και Εκπαίδευση στο Μουσείο: Θεωρητικές Αφετηρίες, Παιδαγωγικές Πρακτικές (Child and Education in Museums: theoretical orientations, pedagogical practices, in Greek) (pp. 113–124), Athens, Gr: Patakis [in Greek].

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Zoniou-Sideri, A., & Spandagou, I. (2005). Introduction to the Greek edition of R.M Hodapp, Development and disabilities; Intellectual, sensory and motor impairment, Athens, Gr: Metaixmio [In Greek] (ISBN 960-375-858-2.

Journal Articles

Mi kolci, J., Armstrong, D., Spandagou, I. (2016). Teachers’ perceptions of the relationship between inclusive education and distributed leadership in two Primary schools in Slovakia and New South Wales (Australia). Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability, 18(2), 53-65.

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Refereed Full Length Published Conference Papers

Evans, D., Little, C., Spandagou, I., Atkinson, S., Boon, R., & McInnes, L. (2012). Developing a framework for including all teachers: The implications for designing and delivering a comprehensive in-service teacher education program. 7th International Conference on e- Learning (ICEL 2012), Reading, UK: Academic Publishing International Limited.

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Gomes, V., & Spandagou, I. (2009). Peer assessment and sustainable graduate attributes. Paper presented at the 8th Worth Congress of Chemical Engineering on Challenges for a Changing World. 23-27 August 2009 Montreal, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Magazines/Newspaper Articles

Graham, L., Spandagou, I., & deBruin, K. (3 May 2018). Gonski 2.0: there is evidence inclusive schooling will help those left behind. Conversation. https://theconversation.com/gonski-2-0- there-is-evidence-inclusive-schooling-will-help-those-left-behind-95934

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