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The Hellenic presence in Australia is highlighted by their enormous contribution in all aspects of Australian society. Whether in business, media, academia, the arts or politics, they have actively participated in the development and diversity of Australia as we know today.

The “Hellenism in Australia” website pays tribute to the incredible achievements and contributions Greeks and Cypriots have made in Australia. In a user- friendly and free service, “Hellenism in Australia” allows participants to post their own autobiography and photographs, detailing their education, career, personal history and contact details. Through these autobiographies, the website’s users will gain an insight into an individual’s activity and service which contributed to their achievement and prominence.

There is also a section for successful Greeks and Cypriots who are no longer with us and their biographies are most welcomed to be added. People are most welcome to send a biography and photographs of anyone who is no longer with us as this is an opportunity to pay tribute to their life and achievements. Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries and the posting of photographic material.

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