Dr Ilektra Spandagou is a Senior Lecturer at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, the University of Sydney. Her research interests include inclusive education policy and practice, disability, classroom diversity, and curriculum differentiation. Ilektra has been involved in teacher education in inclusive education in Australia, Austria, Cyprus and Greece. Her publications include the … Read more


ELIZABETH KEFALLINOS – SENIOR LECTURER AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MACQUARIE Originally, from Zakynthos, Elizabeth Kefallinos immigrated to Sydney, Australia, in the 1970s; she was married and she has three children; she worked in the Greek Community Press (“To Vima”) for about a decade (1978-1988) at the time when the Community’s Press experienced its evolutionary development … Read more

Dr Maria TSOLI

Senior Research Officer, Brain Tumour Group, Children’s Cancer Institute Zero Childhood Cancer Preclinical Brain Tumour Team Coordinator, Children’s Cancer Institute Conjoint Lecturer, School of Women’s & Children’s Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales Dr Maria Tsoli graduated with First Class Honours in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of New South Wales … Read more

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